Reputations Destroyed and TripAdvisor sits back and does NOTHING

[note color="#ffdbdc"] The content of this article was provided by various sources (emails, messages, etc..) and is for educational purpose & security awareness only. If any law enforcement agency or press related agencies need more Information, please feel free to Contact us.[/note]   6 Months ago we posted an article pointing out that there was a major flaw in TripAdvisor "Flagging" establishments based purely on "cause to believe"... that's right, no evidence at all. An … [Read more...]

Make Good money off TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor single handedly created a Cottage Industry in "Posting [Fake] Reviews" This offers anyone to be able to earn some very good and easy money, and you are completely protected by law under the "Freedom of Speech" and the "Freedom of Expression" act...  Remember, EVERYTHING posted on TripAdvisor is done so by them,THEY are accountable for the content.. NOT you.. Another huge benefit, is that TripAdvisor makes it very easy to use their platform to make money. TripAdvisor refuses to … [Read more...]

TripAdvisor approves and posts review about Jane being a SLUT

  Let's start by saying that TripAdvisor claims they are a family friendly travel site, and TripAdvisor claims they use very “advanced and highly effective” fraud detection systems and dedicates substantial resources to identify and minimise any “non-genuine” content. Let us show you just a few Guidlines posted by TripAdvisor on their site..     Note the very first on the above list Now take a look at this review posted by TripAdvisor Member JaneBlaize, who … [Read more...]

Owners ignored bullied and threatened by TripAdvisor

  More and more hotels, B&B's, restaurants and other establishments want to be removed from TripAdvisor. EVERY person in the tourism industry knows they can and will never be able to please and satisfy everyone, no matter how hard they try. No one who works hard to please others are going to be happy with a negative review, but everyone knows sooner or later you will get one, and you will just have to deal with it. Dealing with a bad review is not pleasant, but when you know a … [Read more...]