Make Money off TripAdvisor

Make money off TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor single handedly created a Cottage Industry in “Posting [Fake] Reviews”

This offers anyone to be able to earn some very good and easy money, and you are completely protected by law under the “Freedom of Speech” and the “Freedom of Expression” act…  Remember, EVERYTHING posted on TripAdvisor is done so by them,THEY are accountable for the content.. NOT you..

Another huge benefit, is that TripAdvisor makes it very easy to use their platform to make money. TripAdvisor refuses to admit their is a problem with “Fake” Reviews, and they allow ANYONE  to create UNLIMITED and completely UNVALIDATED accounts, and start posting reviews. So, until TripAdvisor puts a VERY easy end to this problem, anyone can post unvalidated reviews and thus earning some good money.

Like all money making oppertunities there is an initial investment, however, in this case it is very little compared to what you can earn.

Here is a breakdown on what it will cost you :

1) Domain Name(s) ( about $10 YEAR a name )
2) Web Hosting ( about $100 YEAR unlimitec hosting .. nothing fancy )
3) a reliable VPN ( virtual private network ) ( about $100 YEAR ) This is a MUST!!! ( NEVER use Proxy software like HideMyIP, they use “Blacklisted” proxy IP’s)

That’s about it, assuming of course you already own a laptop(s) and or desktop and you design your own site and have some knowledge of for example WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc..


First you need to create some Free email accounts.. We have up to 15 reviewers, but if you are a “One man / woman” operation, then this will be a time consuming task, and I suggest you spend a few hours creating email accounts ( keep the details in a safe spot, ‘cos you are going to need them)
We assign a max. of 5 reviews per person at any going time ( 75 total possible in our case ) We suggest you do the same, never more than 5 on the table, otherwise you will very quickly lose the plot.

Remember, you can the same TripAdvisor account / Email account for multiple reviews, BUT be very careful you follow a in real life possible pattern, there is no point reviewing a hotel in Boston AND London on the same day, using the same account.. ( more tips and tricks will be posted on a seperate post)

So, the BIG question is, HOW MUCH can you earn?..

well, the answer to this really depends on YOU, and how you “Advertise” your services, but lets assume you are up and running, and making use of all the social networking sites and other “free” avenues.
If you ( like we do) charge $20 a review, you can (easily) earn $600 extra a week, and once you are well established, you will have little problem doubling that. And, before you know it, you will be needing a second Ghost writer.

Remember, the figures mentioned above are “guesstimates, they can be (much) high or lower.

If you have any questions about making money off TripAdvisor, please feel free to contact us.

Stay tuned for useful Tips and Tricks on posting reviews on TripAdvisor.. AND the “ULTIMATE GUIDE” to posting reviews on TripAdvisor coming soon..