Husband and Father of 3 on suicide watch after TripAdvisor claims he is a Pedophile

Stefano L, a husband and father of 3 had his reputation and life as he knew it destroyed by TripAdvisor.

On August 16 – 2011 TripAdvisor approved and posted a completely unvalidated review from a completely unvalidated user, claiming Mr Stefano L was a Pedophile.

Stefano and his family tried to contact TripAdvisor numerous times to have the review removed. Emails, letters and phone calls went unanswered. TripAdvisor completely ignored the issue.

Stefano who at the time had been manager at the Hotel Ocean Pondorosa for almost 7 years, went into severe depression. He lost his job, and was on suicide watch for a good 2 months.

Stefano’s wife continued trying to get TripAdvisor to remove the ( unvalidated and damaging ) review for a whole year, and for a whole year she was ignored by TripAdvisor.

As a last resort she contacted us, asking if we could help in anyway. We posted screenshots of the obvious fake and life destroying review and, surprise surprise within TWO HOURS TripAdvisor removed the review, and acts like nothing ever happened.

TripAdvisor RUINED the life and reputation of a hard working husband and father, by approving and posting this unvalidated review claiming Stefano was a Pedophile!!

The unvalidated reviewer was listed as Emma Hamil, it goes without saying that this person never posted again, it was just one of millions fake accounts on TripAdvisor

Yet another example of the damage TripAdvisor causes by allowing and posting unvalidated reviews / lies


Screenshots of the review TripAdvisor posted, and refused to remove for more than a year.


Husband and Father on suicide watch after TripAdvisor claims he is a Pedophile



And a screenshot of Google search “TripAdvisor Pedophile”


Husband and Father on suicide watch after TripAdvisor claims he is a Pedophile


TripAdvisor's Stephen Kaufer with his FamilyWe contacted Stephen Kaufer, who himself is a father and asked how he would feel, and what he would do if someone plastered the www with lies about him being a Pedophile. We also asked him what his wife Caroline would have said / thought if she knew TripAdvisor was completely ignoring the plea’s of a family that was being destroyed by TripAdvisor.

We are still waiting for his reply ( or his lawyer’s ) and we will post it as soon as we hear back from him.