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You requested and we have listened. As of today Friday October 19th 2012 we are giving you a choice of Opinion Review Options.
We have successfully posted more than 3100 opinion reviews on TripAdvisor within just 10 months. We are happy to say that 92% of all our reviews have been posted. It is for this reason that we are so confident that we can boost your listing on TripAdvisor that we offer a 100% guarantee, this means that as a client you NEVER donate anything upfront, we will do all the hard work, and you only donate AFTER the review has been posted on TripAdvisor.

Just over a year ago TripAdvisor introduced “Badges” to reviewers, in short this just means the more pathetic and sad you are the better the badge gets. see chart below.

Pathetic TripAdvisor Badges

During the past few months we have been flooded with requests for our opinion reviews, and it goes without saying that everyone wants reviews from the saddest of all, the “Top Contributor”. However, this is not how we had set about things. When we started, we just added the client to the list, and our 15 reviewers would just go down the list and post a review, if they were “On Going” clients they were added back to the list. This meant that no one knew what badge the reviewer had.

As mentioned we too are moving forward with our hundreds of reviewers accounts. We can now offer opinion reviews from EVERY badge TripAdvisor offers, and YES they all come with our 100% NO donation upfront guarantee, you only donate AFTER the review has been posted on TripAdvisor, and don’t forget, 100% of ALL proceeds goes to charities that help abused animals

It goes without saying that that an opinion review from a Top Contributor will cost more than that of a Reviewer ( see above chart )

Our NEW price structure is as follows :  

  • Reviewer: 1-5 reviews : price $20 per review
  • Senior Reviewer: 6-10 reviews : price $25 per review
  • Contributor : 11 – 20 reviews : price $30 per review
  • Senior Contributor : 21-49 reviews : price $40 per review
  • Top Contributor : 50+ reviews : price $45 per review

Senior Contributor and Top Contributor reviews are not available in all countries please contact us for more info.

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