We fully understand that you may have a ( few ) question(s) before you decide if you would like to proceed, you can always contact us with any questions, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
In the meantime we have gathered some of the most asked questions that might help you.


Does TripAdvisor know you are offering fake reviews?

We are not offering fake reviews, we offer to research an establishment and share our findings / opinion on TripAdvisor. The $20 is a donation for our time, not for the review.  But, we do understand what you are asking, and the answer is YES, TripAdvisor knows everything there is to know about us,and we are pleased to say that they visit our sites numerous times on a daily basis.

However if needed, you can always  report us / this site at www.tripadvisor.com/help  or  www.twitter.com/#!/tripadvisor


$20!? I can get them for $5 on Fiverr

The only thing you will get if you use Fiverr is “Red Flagged” by TripAdvisor. TripAdvisor themselves use Fiverr and simular sites, to find out which establisments are paying for reviews. They create an account, offer to post fake reviews for a fiver, and just sit back and see who contacts them.. the oldest trick in the book!.  We take “Reviewing” your establishment serious, and it takes up to an hour to properly put together our opinion. We use “Clean” and “Established” TripAdvisor accounts, ALL our “Opinion” writers are very close friends, and we NEVER use third party sites or posters to write reviews.  As stated on our site, you are “donating” for our time, the review is Free. Another very important factor, is that you NEVER pay upfront, you only pay AFTER our opinion has been approved by and posted on TripAdvisor.


Do you offer “Packages” [ for example 5 Reviews ] for a discount?

No, we do not offer any packages or discounts, but you can add your establishment as “On Going”. This means we will continue posting reviews until you “cancel”, however you will be billed $20 for each review posted on TripAdvisor


Can you please tell me how to post my own reviews on TripAdvisor and not get caught

Posting a review on TripAdvisor is EASY, anyone can do it. Two reviews is simple, however if you really want to post more than 2-3 reviews then you have to know how to proceed. We suggest you use our service, which uses 15 established reviewers from around the world with a lot of experience. No matter what anyone tells you, it is impossible to post hundreds of fake reviews on TripAdvisor from ONE destination… and PLEASE don’t believe the proxy idiots, they don’t work!


Is this legal, and can I get into trouble?

Let us start by saying that we are NOT breaking any laws, we are FULLY protected by law in the countries from where we post our reviews. ALL our reviews are our personal opinion based on research of the establishments we post for. What we do however IS against TripAdvisor’s policy, but to be short and blunt, we don’t give a flying fuck about TripAdvisor or their policies.

Will YOU get into trouble?.. You are making a small donation for us to research your establishment, and have us post our opinion on TripAdvisor, by law you have every right to do so, you have nothing to afraid of on that part …. HOWEVER, TripAdvisor are bullies, and because what we do is against their policies, they will try to bully, manipulate and scare you.

But, you can rest assure that TripAdvisor will NOT know that the review came from us, or that it is not genuine


How can you Guarantee your review will get posted?

When we say we Guarantee our reviews get posted, what we really mean is, that you only pay us after the review is posted on TripAdvisor. There is no way all our reviews get posted on TripAdvisor, however, this has NOTHING to do with the so called TripAdvisor filters, ‘cos they really don’t exist. The reason some of our reviews don’t make it, is because TripAdvisor just uses an eenie meenie minee moe method. From experience we know that 7 -10 reviews make it onto their site. So the bottom note is, you only pay if our review is posted, and that is what we guarantee


The competition is posting lies about us, will you post negative reviews about them

Sorry, but we only post positive reviews.


How long does it take you to post a review?

On average it takes about 4 -5  days from start to finish


How do we know YOU are not TripAdvisor and are trying to find out who pays for fake reviews?

A VERY good question, the fact that you asked this questions means you are rightfully cautious, and you probably know that TripAdvisor DOES use certain 3rd party sites to “Trap” users willing to pay for Fake Reviews, among other  Fiverr.com and Craigslist.com
There is I’m afraid no way to prove that we are NOT working with TripAdvisor.  
Just be VERY cautious using any site that offers Fake Reviews for money, and NEVER pay upfront, NEVER NEVER NEVER!!! – We ONLY post POSITIVE Reviews on TripAdvisor, not on for example Yelp or AngiesList, and we NEVER charge upfront –  We only charge AFTER our opinion has been approved and posted by TripAdvisor, and we do NOT charge for our positive opinion, we charge for our TIME.

If you have any doubts about us, or our services , just carry on with your business and ignore us


I have contacted you twice, and have not heard back from you… WHY?

Please accept our apology, we are a very small group. When we started this just over a year ago, we were expecting / hoping to get  about 30 requests a week, last year 2013 we had just under 8000 requests!! that is about 150 a WEEK –  Most of these were for “On Going” reviews.

We are very sorry if you do not get a reply, the truth is, we just don’t have enough time or people to respond / reply to everyone.